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The ideal destination for all of you that travel

Experience the authentic Dionysiou Beach, Halkidiki

If you want to discover the most beautiful landscapes along with authentic culture experiences…
If you see traveling as a way to conquer new tastes and expand your knowledge of local gastronomy…
If you are interested in exploring the unique natural environment and learn about the myths, the stories and the legends that surround it…
If you are fascinated by the idea of being privy to the small cultural secrets of local communities…
…discover Milonas House!


Your Rooms our priority

One of Dionisiou’s best-loved Appartments, Milonas House Appartments is recognized as one of Chalkidiki with gracious hospitality, thoughtful amenities and distinctive.


Best Things to do in Halkidiki, Greece

Museum of Fishing Vessels and Equipment

The Museum of Fishing Vessels and Equipment has an educational and research role, also doing much to promote the local identity and keep alive its links with its history.

Anthropological Museum Petralona

Petralona Cave is one of Europe’s most impressive and important caves thanks to its wealth of fossils (one of the richest collections in Europe) and to the discovery of a human scull that dates back approximately 700.000 years and it is located near the village of Petralona, on Katsika Hill.

Games for kids and adults

We offer to our guests the opportunity to play table games such as Monopoly and Chess. We have a special table for that! Get ready to play!


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